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  • Technical details

    Forget the barrel blade as a suspension for the pendulum and its movements! Forget adjusting the pendulum forward and backward using the lentil!
The new Utinam pendulum system revolutionises and refines the adjustment process with two cylinders which slide along an axis (like those on old-fashioned weighing scales).
    The cylinders are located at the top of the pendulum. The first, vertical, cylinder can be screwed and unscrewed to adjust the time forward and backward. The second, horizontal, cylinder adjusts the incremental degree of the anchor on the anchor wheel.

    A round window on the front of the clock gives a view of this subtle mechanism.


    POP UP skeleton
    Composite body
    (resin + craft paper)
rot-resistant, 10 mm thick
    Mechanical movement
with anchor escapement
    Height: 1,20 m
    Width: 0.50 m
    Depth: 0.50 m
    Weight: 12 kg
    Power reserve: 8 days

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