Welcome to Showroom W

The craftsmanship Excellence is not only behind the renowned luxury brands...

Showroom W is a unique place of independent watch brands in Sweden. The purpose of Showroom W is to offer a wonderful experience into the fascinating universe of watchmakers and time designers.


Showroom W aims to promote the excellence of Haute Horlogerie, extraordinary time objects and disruptive or controversial designs.


We aim also to help the small and independent watch brands which have developed a complicated savoir-faire, exceptional mechanical mouvements, unique and expressive design, to be more known and seen.

In Showroom W, you won't find any mass-produced brands, any fashion brands, any items made for mass consumers but only the exceptional ones.


Our selection is not dicted by media or by the brands recognization. On the contrary, we are attached to help the other ones. The ones who deserves more light on them, the ones who have succeeded to keep their integrity, their authenticity and their peculiar genius. 

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Our Brands

Pequignet Manufacture  -  Meistersinger  -  ZRC 1904  -  Utinam  -  Around Five 

Swiss Kubik - Scatola del Tempo - Tempomat

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